Are You Troubled by Asthma Even Though You Use an Inhaler?

Having a rational treatment plan for asthma has helped me achieve control, find relief and be more productive (MM, executive and asthma patient)

The problem

Asthma is a common disease worldwide causing much discomfort and stress among sufferers. In many cases the diagnosis is missed or not taken seriously by health care providers. Hence it is under-diagnosed and inadequately treated. More than 300 million patients suffer worldwide and there are 250,000 deaths annually from asthma.

Patients continue to suffer from symptoms including cough, shortness of breath and disturbed sleep.

Some patients experience symptoms in the workplace because of conditions there.

As a result productivity declines, cost of treatment rises, and patients are unable to participate in activities they enjoy such as hiking or playing sports.

The solution

A personalized treatment plan based on our TRACK Model takes into consideration your needs and the severity of your illness.

As a result you can optimize your treatment and achieve your best possible lung function so that you can be productive and enjoy your leisure time.

Why asthma continues to be a challenge?

  • Under-diagnosis results in inadequate treatment. Often treatment is not based on severity.
  • Patients don’t know what to do should symptoms become worse. Many patients remain unaware of how to use an inhaler correctly.
  • Often patients leave treatment once control is achieved only to get worse symptoms later.

What you need to do

  • Have a treatment plan based on your condition and needs.
  • Learn what to do in case of worsening symptoms and in emergency situations.
  • Learn how to use an inhaler correctly.
  • Follow the personal treatment plan.

Why us

Dr Aamer Iqbal has over two decades of clinical experience in helping asthmatic patients achieve control at the primary care level. Consequently his patients were able to avoid symptoms which would have resulted in emergency hospital admission.

He trained in thoracic medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, London and its affiliated hospitals, The Royal Brompton Hospital and London Chest Hospital. More about Dr Aamer can be seen at this about page.

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