Who We Work With


Our clients include business owners, executives, academics, students and members of their families. They have asthma which is poorly controlled or has remained undiagnosed.

One executive developed asthma symptoms while flying to another city. He didn’t have a treatment plan and had to be taken to hospital emergency on arrival. His symptoms were so bad that he had to be kept in an ICU.

They desire to be high achievers but are thwarted in their aims by asthma. Many feel that they aren’t living life to the full – that they would like to achieve more or contribute more. They would like to participate in activities they enjoy such as hiking or playing a sport because shortness of breath from asthma prevents them from doing so.

Some patients feel tired and sleepy at work because of poor sleep from inadequately controlled asthma. Others experience onset of symptoms in the workplace. A troubling cough continues to bother some patients. They experience bouts of coughing which may be triggered by laughing or shouting. The cough exacerbates shortness of breath and may bring on wheezing.

They may have used an inhaler but discontinued it believing that it isn’t effective any more. This can be because of a number of reasons, but commonly:

  • they don’t know how to use an inhaler correctly
  • tachyphylaxis – when you need higher doses of medication to achieve an effective response.



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