We offer Personalised Asthma Treatment Plans and a Prevention and Wellness Program, both based on our TRACK model.

  • T – topic: What we want
  • R – reality: How does asthma show up for you? How does it hinder your aims? What triggers it?
  • A – awareness: When we understand how asthma is limiting you, how you can optimise treatment and what you can achieve when you have controlled it. We also perform relevant clinical tests.
  • C – chart course: This is where we develop your plan with you. We also give you tools and strategies to relax and deal with stress.
  • K – kick off. Where you take action on your plan.

Why should you have a personal plan?

There are a number of advantages to having a personalised rational plan for asthma.

  • It is based on personal needs.
  • It takes into consideration the severity of the illness.
  • You know what to do in an emergency.
  • It puts you in control rather than the disease controlling you.
  • You can have fun doing your favourite activities.
  • It is based on worldwide experience in treating asthma by leading experts.
  • It can help save money by reducing treatment costs and preventing emergency hospital admission.